FinalFrame AI Video Platform

FinalFrame is a powerful AI video creation platform that lets you turn text into videos, animate images, plus add voiceovers and sound effects.

Text to Video AI Generator

Turn your ideas into smooth AI videos, using simple text prompts.

Choose from existing styles like 3D, anime, and realistic film — or remix your own.

AI Image to Video Animation

Choose any image from your computer — even from Midjourney or Dalle — and make it come alive.

Need to work fast? Bulk import many images at once, and use AI to quickly make them all into videos.

Add Voice and Lipsync to Your Videos

Use advanced text to speech to make characters talk, complete with AI lipsync that matches mouth movements to the voice.

Magically Add Sound Effects and Music

Use text-to-audio to create sounds and music for your project. Want magic? Let AI scan your footage and automatically add appropriate sounds! (Beta feature, launching shortly)

Quickly Edit and Assemble Your AI Videos

Work faster than ever, using the timeline area to quickly edit a rough cut of clips. Create many videos at once, generating in the background while you edit.

Rave Reviews

"I love FinalFrame. It is a very bootstrapped AI platform that is quick to jump on new technologies and integrate them such as lip synching, editing and sounds."

— Ryan Morrison, AI Editor, Tom's Guide